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Wisdom tooth extractions
Surgical extractions

The Benefits Of Oral Surgery

Expert treatment from #thesmiledoc relieves pain, restores your smile, and helps you deal with even the most complex dental health issues.

  • Prevent complications – In some cases, oral surgeries like tooth extractions are the best way to prevent future complications with your teeth, and restore your overall oral health. Plus, with our diode soft-tissue laser, surgeries are less invasive, and healing times are drastically reduced.
  • Get your smile back – With oral surgery as well as restorative treatments from #thesmiledoc, you can enjoy a natural smile that looks beautiful and functions perfectly. You’ll be able to chew, speak, laugh, and smile with confidence once again.
  • Enjoy peace of mind – With our advanced surgical techniques and tools, like our diode laser and complimentary laughing gas sedation, you’ll be in good hands throughout your procedure. And once you’re done, you’ll get valuable peace of mind, knowing your mouth is completely healthy.


"The staff and Dr. Reid were very courteous. They seemed genuinely happy to see me and were attentive and professional. It is nice to go to an office where the people actually seem happy to work there and really listen and care about what you tell them." "Best dentist I've ever had also the dental technicians."

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Apicoectomies (Root Tip Surgery)

An apicoectomy is a minor surgery used to restore your smile if you have a severely infected tooth, or if you have had root canal therapy and it has failed due to further infection of the tooth. In this procedure, the tips of your tooth roots will be surgically removed and replaced with a special biocompatible material.

In this process, a small incision is made in the gums, then the infection and root tip are cut away and removed. Then, the interior canal of the tooth is filled, and the area is cleaned and sutured shut to heal. An apicoectomy is a great option when a traditional root canal retreatment will not work.

Basic Tooth Extractions

Basic tooth extractions do not require major surgery, and are used on teeth that have fully erupted from your mouth. In this procedure, Dr. Reid will numb the area and then wiggle the tooth loose, pulling it out with dental forceps. 

This type of extraction may be required in many different situations, such as to pull wisdom teeth, or to remove teeth that have been damaged by oral trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease. Basic extractions may also be used to prepare for other procedures, like denture fitting or dental implant placement.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The wisdom teeth are our last set of 4 molars, which tend to emerge between the ages of 17-25 in most people. The problem with wisdom teeth is that most patients don’t have enough room in their mouths for another set of teeth.

This can make the wisdom teeth grow in sideways, cause the surrounding teeth to move, and raise the risk of complications like tooth infections. While not all people need to have their wisdom teeth extracted, Dr. Reid may recommend wisdom teeth extraction if he believes your wisdom teeth may put your overall oral health at risk.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

This procedure is required for teeth that are impacted and have not fully erupted, such as impacted wisdom teeth. A small opening is made in your gum tissue, then Dr. Reid will cut the tooth into small pieces and remove them from the surgical site one-by-one. Once the entire tooth has been cut into bits and removed, Dr. Reid will sanitize the site and suture it shut to allow it to heal.

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